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Gmail, Google’s emailing service, has grown popular between businesses – being seen more professional than other websites that allow you to send and receive emails. Google caught soon to this trend and made Gmail more polished, giving users the option to even use it on their smartphone, as well as integrating a lot of useful features Google owns. That is why more and more people have been hopping on the Gmail train, and enjoying the Google+ circles of business partners or even Google Drive as the very helpful instrument it is.

Today, we see the tech giant updating their Inbox in Gmail, bringing even more options for the user, like integrated Google Drive and Google Alerts. You can know save files you receive in emails directly in your Google Drive, as well as send Google Drive links via email. The search engine lets you even change the permissions in the links you send via email, which is always important, especially if it’s business related.

As for the Google Alerts, the company is inserting the Alerts directly in your Inbox as a notifications button, so you can see firsthand your Google Alerts in general, and more importantly the ones strictly tied to Gmail. Another fun little feature Google is adding to their inbox, is the option of simply dragging contacts from your Circles into emails. You can even delete unwanted emails way faster with this update.

If you like to check up on third-party notifications, Google is integrating two services of this kind: Github and Trello. The two will appear in your Inbox’s news segment. The notifications for GitHub will give you some news about code changes, while the Trello section gives you news about their projects and updates.