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Thanks to the success of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale has also become one of the most played card game on mobile devices. Today we will talk about a new update that has been released for this game, which fixes some OP cards that have been abused by the gamers.

Earlier this month, players of this game have been greeted by a message from the developers, which informed them that an update will be released very soon and it will bring some changes that will improve the gameplay.

In addition, the developer has mentioned that the update will also make some legendary cards to be obtained more easily. The new update will also introduce some new cards, while other cards will receive some balance tweaks.

Even if the developer didn’t confirm exactly which cards will be nerfed, gamers have already started speculating that the Mini Pekka card will be one of the cards that will be nerfed, as, currently, this card has a pretty big damage.

In addition, a leak about this upcoming update has surfaced on the internet, saying that the Knight card will receive a 4% health increase, while the Barbarians and Giants cards will receive a 9% health and 4% health reduction. Miners are also expected to receive a 3% damage reduction, while Bowlers are expected to receive a damage boost of 3%.

As you can see, there are a good amount of things that will change in Clash Royale. However, this kind of update was expected, as the developers need to balance the game in order to allow all kinds of strategies to be used by the players. There is no news regarding any new card being added to the game, but, hopefully, this will happen sometime in the near future.

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