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The latest smartphones, tablets, and laptops may be high on the wish list of tech lovers. But what about the other essentials every tech fan needs? Once you have your desired device, what other gadgets should you get to make sure you can fully enjoy using your new ‘toy’?

Wireless Charger

With this gizmo, you can just place your phone on a pad, and voila—it starts to replenish its battery! Wireless chargers still need to be plugged into a wall outlet, but there is no need to deal with plugging and unplugging your smartphone because it uses electromagnetic fields to transfer power from the pad to your electronics. With the convenience they provide, developers are creating wireless chargers for tablets, wearables, and other products.

Wireless USB

Aside from having to deal with too many wires, another concern most modern individuals have with their mobile devices is not having enough storage for their pictures, music, and other files. This can be solved with a wireless USB that lets you access and store data from the USB stick to your smartphone. It can also be plugged into a USB port on a computer. This way, you can store and access files from your PC to your iOS or Android mobile phone by using the built in wireless feature of the USB and by connecting to its ad-hoc wireless network.

Power Bank

You’re about to catch a rare Pokémon, send an important email, or reply with a cute response to your crush’s chat message when suddenly your phone’s battery drains and dies. Time’s like these, a power bank is what you need. With this gizmo, you can charge your phone wherever and whenever you need to without having to rely on wall sockets. This means you get to enjoy more mobility, longer usage, and greater convenience with your mobile devices.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

What good is it to have a mobile phone or tablet full of fantastic playlists if you can’t share your music with the world? With portable bluetooth speakers you can easily stream songs from your device. These are also great for enhancing your audio-visual experience because you can carry them around with you when you’re watching movies and want more mobility or flexibility.

Bluetooth Keyring

Are you the type of person who seems to keep on losing your keys or forgetting where you last placed your phone? Then you should definitely get a bluetooth keyring. You can attach this to your valuable items such as your mobile phone, tablet, car keys, wallets, and eyeglasses. When you misplace your stuff, you can use the tracking device via an app to find it. You can also check where and when you last had it, make your phone ring (even if it’s on silent), and ask help from others using the app in searching for your item.

As technology and the minds behind it become smarter, more awesome innovations and products are becoming available. Stay updated so you know what other new developments and gadgets are being launched for the modern individual.