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The highly anticipated Xbox Scorpio console is due for release in 2017 and Xbox Boss Phil Spencer has confirmed that developers are already creating products for the new console.

Spencer revealed on Twitter that developers were already hard at work creating on games and hardware for the upcoming console; no hints about the upcoming games were provided.

Earlier this year, Spencer commented that the new Xbox Scorpio will not have exclusive games however he added that this decision is up to developers; meaning that it’s still possible there will be some console exclusives released for it.

There have been no confirmations yet that developers are working on products for the console; rumors about future games on this platform are also limited, it was suggested at E3 that Fallout 4 VR will be released on the Xbox Scorpio.

Xbox Scorpio will be a 4K capable console and will be focused towards VR so gamers can expect to see plenty of VR titles being announced for this console.