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New reports state that the Xbox One S 2TB version has officially sold out and that Microsoft has no plans to produce any more. The company has yet to release a statement about the issue.

The Xbox One S 2TB was released earlier this month however, retailers only received limited stock and it looks like most retailers have run out. Some third parties are selling the console through retailers such as Amazon however these consoles are more expensive.

While Microsoft may not release any more separate 2TB versions, the company is releasing one in October which will be bundled with Gears of War 4; this special edition is a red color and is in a Gears of War style.

Xbox One S 1TB and 500GB versions are scheduled for released towards the end of the month and will cost $349 and $299 respectively. There are currently no details about how limited the supply for these versions of the console will be.

The Xbox Scorpio is due for release next year and will be a more powerful console so it’s possible that Microsoft will not produce any more Xbox One S beyond the first batches.