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WhatsApp was a full-of-potential app to begin with, but when Facebook took over, the updates kept on getting better and better. Since the app was bought by the tech giant a while ago, it reached over a billion users. WhatsApp used to have its great features when it was owned by the developer of the app, but since Facebook owns the application, the updates got juicier and more user-oriented.

Just in the latest couple of weeks, we saw updates which let you send bolded or italic messages, that leave a little creative space for the writers inside of us. The new features let you emphasize a certain word or phrase, instead of using Caps Lock. There is even a set of emoji themed around the Olympics going on in Brazil this year. However, if you’re an iOS user, you might be even happier with the latest version, v2.16.8, of WhatsApp directed to you specifically.

WhatsApp succeeds to make the free calls it provides as an app as close to real phone-carrier ones. What we mean by this, is that when you call a person that is offline, you can leave a voice message instead of your call just ending.

The feature appears as a button when your call got rejected, which simply says “Voice Message”. You have to hold the button for the length of your text, and then lift your finger off the screen to send it to the person. If you feel like the message is not right, you can easily swipe to the left while holding the button, and the voice message will cancel itself.

We also hear that WhatsApp is working on a video-calling feature, much like the popular apps FaceTime and Skype. We know this because there have been some leaks on some sites of the developers trying it out. However, no update seemed to come on the markets. We hope this has to do with some integrating issues, and they will solve them soon enough and bring the great feature to their app as well.