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Some people like to debate whether Google Maps is better than Waze or if it’s the other way around. Whatever position they have, it is clear that both are helpful for anyone who needs to get to point A from point B in the shortest or quickest way possible. And if you want to achieve that, the best way is to know these tips and tricks on how to maximize their awesome features.

Google Maps

  1. Download an offline map if you will be traveling to an area without any Web service. Go to Settings > Offline areas, then tap the ‘plus’ button to find the map you want to save.
  1. Find out the train schedule as well as routes for walking, biking, and transit in your city by using Google Maps.
  1. Label your home and work address so Google Now and Maps can give you estimated travel times the next time you’re planning a trip.
  1. If you need suggestions where to take your date to dinner, you can use the ‘Explore’ option and check out the dining choices near you. You can also find out business hours, peak times, and reviews of the restaurant by pressing each item’s card.
  1. You can track where and when you have been using Maps. This is great when you need to remember the address of the amazing restaurant you had lunch in last week. But if you find Google keeping tabs on your every movement is a bit creepy, you can turn off the tracking feature by going to ‘Timeline Settings’ then deleting your history.
  1. Copy the link or embed a code to save the map on a site where your friends can view it. This is helpful for gatherings where most people aren’t familiar with the location. Just use the ‘Share’ button.
  1. Send the map from your computer to your smartphone or tablet by using the ‘Send to your phone’ option. This lets you access directions with more ease.


  1. Change how it selects your routes form ‘fastest’ to ‘shortest’. Go to Settings > Navigation > Routing Styles > Shortest. This way, you will get the shortest distance from point A to B.
  1. Check other options by tapping the ‘Route’ button after entering the address. This will show 3 suggested routes and you can choose the best one.
  1. Take advantage of the ‘Send ETA’ option when you are running late due to traffic or a road accident. This way you don’t have to keep on updating the people who are waiting for you through text.
  1. Customize what’s shown on the map so there aren’t too many icons popping up as you’re driving. Just go to Settings > Display Settings > Show on Map, then uncheck the updates you don’t want to appear.
  1. Avoid draining your battery by turning it off when you don’t need to use it. Tap the Waze icon on the bottom left, then tap the power icon. This saves battery life and prevents the app from tracking each and every movement when you want some privacy.

Google Maps versus Waze may not be the bigger issue; rather, it is knowing how to efficiently use these tools so you can get to your destination with more ease, speed, and safety.