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The hopes of thousands of players were crushed in July with a single Tweet from the Senior Producer of the game, Lyndsay Pearson. She stated that the company had no plans to bring The Sims 4 to console.

While rumors about The Sims 4 coming to console have existed ever since the company delayed the release in May this year; it looks as though the company has very quickly changed their minds about bringing the game to consoles. The main The Sims series has always been released on console and this will be the first game in the series which has not been released for the Xbox or PlayStation consoles.

However, some console fans of The Sims are still hopeful that EA is considering the possibility of releasing the games on consoles in the future; this hope comes from the final part of Pearson’s Tweet which stated the game would not be coming to consoles in the “near future”.

If the company is still planning a console release then they will need to do this soon; rumors state that The Sims 5 will be released in 2019 so development should begin very soon if it hasn’t already. The next game is the series will also be released for consoles.