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Sony is getting ready to unveil its latest PlayStation console and has already begun to send invitations to a New York City press conference scheduled for the 7th of September.

The invitations came shortly after a leaked report that Sony was preparing for a big announcement on that particular date. The title of the invitation says ‘PlayStation meeting so it’s safe to assume that it’s a about a brand new console that they plan on releasing then.

According to Andrew House – CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment- in a Financial Times interview held back in June, there was an updated version of the PS4 in the making that would feature Ultra HD 4 K graphics and that had the codename Neo. Supposedly, this is the new console that will be presented at the event.

So if it’s codenamed Neo, then it probably has nothing to do with a Sony PlayStation 5 console. Rather, the Neo console is meant to offer upgraded graphics for game titles already played on PS4.

Some players have also suggested that the upcoming PlayStation Neo console could offer a nausea free VR gaming experience on the PlayStation VR add-on that is scheduled for release on the 13th of October. They are also hoping that Sony will also come with its own all-in-one VR bundles.

The gaming console competition is fierce right now as Microsoft also announced an improved version of the Xbox One, called Xbox One S and another Xbox Scorpio console to be launched in 2017 which will support 4K video support and VR gaming experiences.

Apparently, the Xbox One S also offers 4K video support but not the VR gaming experience. Instead, it offers UltraHD BluRay compatibility, but less graphically intense gaming.

So, as you can see, the Play Station Neo console will be launched slightly before the Christmas holiday, thus making it an ideal gift choice for everybody. Not only that, but you can actually choose between two recently released and improved gaming consoles form the two major giants on the market: Sony and Microsoft. This means that you can also shop based on your loyalty to a certain brand.