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Pokemon fans know that ever since the second or third day after the game’s launch, the tracking system used for finding Pokemons around has been broken. Initially it had a confusing footprint system. If it showed you three footprints it meant a Pokemon was far from you and if it showed you one footprint, it was close. Then it broke and it showed 3 regardless of where the Pokemon was. Then, the entire feature was removed.

Last night the game received an update that included the testing of a new tracking system. However, this nearby system is available only for some of the users for testing. Jackson Palmer, who is the creator of Dogecoin, uploaded a video online and showed how the beta nearby system looks like.

As it seems, the new system has been split in two: Nearby and Sightings. The Nearby section shows those Pokemons that are close to the Pokestops near you. If you tap on one of the Pokemons, the map will zoom out and it will hint to you which Pokestop you should go to. You will notice that Pokestops now have some circles around them, similar to that around the player. If there is a Pokemon inside the circle of a Pokestop, this means it’s really close to it.

The other section, Sightings, shows the Pokemons with grass behind them, not the Pokestop image. This means that they are found out in the wild, and not that close to the Pokestop. Also, you will have to hunt for them without having any included guidance. If you tap a Pokemon in the Sightings section, it seems that nothing happens. They aren’t even sorted by distance, so you still have to go and walk around until you stumble upon it. Even so, at least you’ll know that it’s not within the range of a Pokestop.