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The Niantic game Pokemon Go became ‘viral’ around the globe, people loving the nostalgic game that lets you catch popular Pokemon creatures we saw on the TV when we were little. However, people have a hate/love relationship with the fact the game makes you move around the block or even to different countries for specific creatures. Some people praise the game’s ability to get people out of the house and enjoy the fresh air, while others want to play in the comfort of their own home. If you resonate with the second category, we’ve got you covered.
There have been a few solutions various persons found to catch Pokemon without ever leaving your house, but the game is shutting down third-party trackers as well as the Nearby feature in their newest update. Even so, technology savvies found a way to enjoy the game without all the workout involved by using a GPS spoofing app.

If you’re curious on how this works, we have to advise that it isn’t the safest method to use, but one that most definitely still works. First of all, you have to have a modified APK which will enable you to use the GPS spoofing application. Second of all, you might want to close the location history from Google – because that’s how the game developer can track that you’re cheating the game. Now, if you have both the APK and the altering application installed, you will have to use a different user account for Pokemon Go. This means you will need to start from scratch, so if you’re just starting to play the game, this might be perfect for you.

There is a second way of catching Pokemons without moving, but it requires more props and you have to be a little bit of a tech savvy to use it. Firstly, you would need Google Earth, a box that cuts off radio frequency, a joystick and a signal generator. Wow, yeah, that’s a lot. Even though it’s not likely many of you will use this method, we will explain how it works. You need to put your phone in the out-of-signal box and then use a signal generator to send GPS-like waves to the phone. Then you may use Google Earth and a joystick to move around the world and find all the Pokemons you want.

Although this way of doing it is quite fancy and exciting, you are likely to get caught and banned by Niantic, because when moving on large distances, the signal generator might send mixed signals and will appear to the developer as if you’ve just somehow teleported from New York to Los Angeles. So, even if you have all the technology necessary, it still isn’t the best method to use.