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While Niantic has taken a harsh stance on third-party apps, developers are still working on ways to get around the new security and encryption that Niantic have added to protect Pokemon Go. The game currently does not have a tracking system fully implemented and while some users are able to use the new tracking system, most are not and still cannot find nearby Pokemon.

PokeMesh allows users to scan for Pokemon in their local area once they’ve link their Pokemon Go account; on the other side of this, Smart Poke V2 uses a real-time map to display the locations of nearby Pokemon.

Google is removing unofficial Pokemon Go related apps from the store however so many of these apps will be gone in several days time; the developers are still working on ways to provide desperate players with a way to track Pokemon in the game.

Niantic is starting to implement a new tracking system but this is not yet available to all users and until it is, players will continue to search for alternative methods to catch those elusive rare Pokemon.