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Minecraft Pocket Edition is due to receive Oculus Rift support very soon; the VR support is currently planned to be exclusive for PC’s with the Windows 10 OS.

PC Minecraft players are able to upgrade to the Windows 10 Pocket Edition for free if they already own PC Minecraft and have the new Windows 10 operating system; this special VR update will be coming to the game for free very soon.

An official release date for this update has not been provided yet by Mojang, Microsoft or Oculus Rift; players who can’t wait to try VR Minecraft can already play the game with Samsung Gear VR. Support for the Gear VR was released in April 2016.

The Oculus Rift includes some extra features such as external camera tracking which may be implemented into the game.

Regardless of VR headset, it’s expected that players will need to use a Xbox controller while using the headset. While using a VR headset, players typically need to use a controller and Minecraft Pocket Edition VR will no exception to this.

No official release date has been provided for when the Oculus Rift support arrives for Minecraft Pocket Edition but it should be very soon.

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