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Since Samsung released their phablet Galaxy Note 7, that seems to do well so far in critics’ reviews, we keep wondering what Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus will feature and how the two will compare. Of course, the internet is large and shows off a lot of rumors, but we’re not sure what is to be trusted or not.

Today we’ve encountered what seems to be a leak on a Chinese blog, that has some testing on what is presumed to be the iPhone 7 Plus’s processor. On a blog called Weibo, someone posted a photo which depicted a dual-core processor said to be the A10 clocked at 2.37 GHz which was set to be paired with 3GB of RAM. A website from the Netherlands picked up this image from the blog, as well as worked some tests on what seemed to be a prototype for the iPhone 7 Plus. To give a little bit of background, the iPhone 6S Plus was codenamed “iPhone8,2”, and this prototype has tested was codenamed “iPhone9,2”. The speculation doesn’t go too far when saying this would be the codename for iPhone 7 Plus.

The supposed A10 processor was tested and got a score of multi-core 6430, and a single-core one of 3548. The test results were pretty exciting, because it surpasses both the A9 and the A9X processors.

The A9 processor is the one that the iPhone 6S Plus is paired up with, and it got the score of 4341 in multi-core, while the single-core result was of only 2490. The A9X, seen on the iPad Pro, got a better result, almost reaching the A10 processor ones: single-core result was 3224, while the multi-core was 5446.

Another report from DigiTimes said that the new phablet from Apple will rock 3GB of RAM, which we haven’t seen on the iPhone 6S or the iPhone 6S Plus. A lot of people have been claiming that the 2016 model of iPhone Plus is definitely going to have 3GB of RAM. If the iPhone 7 itself will have the updated amount of RAM is still a mystery to us, but we’ll settle for the phablet having it.