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Finally, Pokémon Go has been released in your country and you can now join the rest of the world in catching those cute creatures. Prepare to enjoy, but also be ready to feel frustrated, upset, and maybe even mad as you encounter some of the most common problems when playing the game. Luckily, with so many players experiencing similar problems, more suggestions are available for you to try and resolve the issue.

One of the most common problems is getting a ‘GPS Signal Not Found’ error. You could be receiving this prompt because:

  1. Your GPS isn’t activated.

Most people have their GPS settings turned off on their mobile device because it can be a battery vampire. You might have just forgotten to turn on your GPS so check it in your settings. For iOS gadgets, go to Settings > Privacy > Location, then make sure your location is turned on. For Android, go to Settings > Privacy and Safety > Location, check if your location is turned on, and make sure ‘GPS, Wi-FI, and mobile networks’ is selected.

  1. You’re indoors.

While GPS is one of the greatest inventions and discoveries it doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Sometimes, it may have trouble locating you when you’re indoors. So step outside and stay in one location for about 30 seconds to allow the GPS to lock on to your phone, tablet, or iPod.

  1. Your mobile device doesn’t have GPS.

Some tablets or phones don’t have GPS, so check in your settings if that service really isn’t available in your unit. If it isn’t, then don’t despair. You can still play Pokémon Go by making sure your Wi-FI is turned on and that you have a strong signal. You can play in areas where there are multiple hotspots to increase the strength of your connection, but don’t be surprised if you will be more limited while playing compared to players who have GPS in their devices.

  1. You didn’t give Pokémon Go permission to access your location.

Check in your settings menu if you have turned on the Location for the game. In iOS devices, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, then look for Pokémon Go in the list of apps, tap on it go, to the Allow Location Access menu for the game, and make sure you select the ‘While Using the App’ option. As for Android devices, go to Settings > Application Manager, look for Pokémon Go, tap on it, go to the permissions option, and enable the Location service by swiping the toggle to the right.    

Other Solutions

If the four suggestions above don’t work, try the following:

  • Reset your network settings.
  • Leave Google Maps on in the background.
  • Turn your device off and on.

GPS errors aren’t the only reason why Pokémon Go players get furious and frustrated when playing the game. But despite all the problems experienced by gamers, its popularity seems to not be waning at all.