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While Samsung and Apple are the more popular tech giants in the smartphone market, given to their rivalry, Google, even though it is the internet’s king, seems to be a little left out. However, the company has a lot to bring into the technology market, from the worldwide used Android operating system, to their Nexus line of smartphones. The next one or two Nexus phones arriving on the market are set to bring out the latest version of Android, Nougat.

The company has made a habit of releasing new versions of the OS alongside their Nexus device of the year, so we didn’t expect anything less of the company in 2016. However, some reports said that the two devices the tech giant is set to launch in a partnership with HTC are going to be released in 2017 – so people obviously assumed that Android 7.0 Nougat is going to be released on another popular device, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Now, other speculations and leaks surface on the internet, saying the devices will be released before October 1st, so let’s take a look at what we know or assume so far about the new Nexus smartphones Google is set to release.

API for Android Marshmallow was a level 23, while the new Android Nougat is set show off Level 24. But, some leaks show that Google is actually making all its features on the Nexus devices with a Level 25 in mind, so we’re safe to assume Google is not only showing the new Nougat OS on the new Nexus, but even an updated 7.0.1 version that will be first seen on the company’s own smartphones. The leaks that started this rumor were portraying some of Google’s menus in the Nexus like the Launcher, Gallery and Google Play Store set out for a Level 25 API.

When you’re looking at your home screen on the new smartphone, you might see some differences to the Nexus 6P. Google has decided to make two major changes in the Launcher, starting with the Google search bar. They have transformed the well-known search bar to just an icon having the memorable “G” they have updated for a few years now. Tapping the icon, you will be easily redirected to a window where you can search on Google. The little, shall we say, app, will be located on the home screen, for easy access.

A second change to the Launcher was hiding the app drawer from the buttons down below and leaving room for a button of your own liking. If you did enjoy the button, you will be able to easily access it by tapping on the arrow pointing up.