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Whether you’re looking to get one to enjoy a bigger display when checking your social media, or you just want more portability to read your ebooks or to play your fave games on the go, you need to make sure you get the best tablet out there. With so many products available, how do you choose the right one? A major basis will be what you will use it for. Another factor is the price, then the size, and then the apps you require. To get you started on your hunt, here are the top tablets you can buy today.

Apple iPad Pro 9.7 inch

Considered by many to be the best tablet Apple has made so far, that may not be surprising as it packs a combination of the power of the iPAd Air 2 but comes in a friendlier size that makes it easier to hold and carry around. It also has an upgraded camera and one of the best displays available in the market today. It may not have as much RAM as a larger iPad Pro, but it comes with high-quality speakers and Smart Keyboard and Pencil support. Plus, it comes in pink too.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

For Android tablets, this is the best one yet, with a superb screen and an unbelievably light and thin body that measures at 8.0 or 9.7 inches. It certainly can contend with the iPad as it is packed with power, has an improved interface, and has a rare expandable memory. This baby is great for surfing the web and reading, whether when on the go or for use at home.

Google Pixel C

One of the best features of this tablet is a magnetic keyboard (which is sadly sold separately) that attaches so strongly that it won’t even fall off when you hold the tab upside down. It has a fantastic screen, plenty of power, and a sleek design, but storage (at 32GB) may be a bit more limited compared to other tablets.

Sony Xperia Z4

If waterproof is a priority feature for you, then this is the tab to go for. It is super thin and lightweight, and you can stream games from your PS4 console directly to it even when you’re in another room. This means you get to play your fave games while you’re taking care of business in the bathroom or having a quick snack in the kitchen. It has High-Res audio and comes with a keyboard dock in the box.

iPad Mini 4

This is a great option if the iPad Pro or iPad Air 2 is too big or expensive for your taste. It makes the most of iOS9 and has enough power to satisfy demanding users. This tab also has a decent rear camera, a fantastic screen, and a Touch ID finger scanner. If you want a highly portable and powerful device, then this 7-inch Apple wonder is for you.

In Conclusion

Whether it is for fun or work, there is a tablet out there for you. But to make sure you end up with the best one, look for a device that suits your needs and gives you the best deal for your money.