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Are you fond of the latest trends in entertainment? How about rewarding yourself with an Amazon Fire TV Stick? Well, here are a few things to know about this new product from Amazon.

  • Easy Access to 200K TV Episodes

If you want to have access to 200,000 movies, TV episodes, music, games and more from a range of channels, then the new Amazon Fire TV Stick should be your entertainment partner. It just needs to be connected to the HDMI port of your TV set.

  • Huge Memory and Storage Capacity

When it comes to memory and storage capacity, the new Fire TV Stick from Amazon should be a top performer with 4-times more storage and 2-times more memory than Chromecast. Moreover, it has a 1-GB memory that goes with the dual-core processor.

  • Dedicated Remote and App

If you need to watch, search and play games easily, you can do so with the Fire TV Stick. This has been made possible with the new remote app and the dedicated remote with all controls that you need.

  • Voice Search Capability

You can just say what you desire to watch and you can start to enjoy it in seconds. This is due to the voice search capability of the free remote app or the optional voice remote of the Fire TV.

  • Mirroring Capability

This new gadget can mirror your tablet or phone to your television. You can also fling your own favorite apps in order to free up your tiny screen so that others can see as well.

If you think that you have seen enough, think again because the Amazon Fire TV Stick is here to stay. There are lots of similar products out there, but if you care about quality and reliability, this is the thing to purchase.