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Mozilla Firefox is officially joining Google and Facebook in the removal of Adobe Flash support from their services; while with is will not happen immediately, this is the current intentions of the serveral large companies.

Adobe Flash is mostly uses for advertisements, streaming video and PC games but the software has been criticized for years due to vital issues with security and memory. There has been no confirmation of exactly when the companies will stop using Adobe Flash but this poses a problem to gamers.

Free flash games have been immensely popular with PC gamers; they open in the web browser, are simple to play, they’re free and they can be fun. When Adobe Flash stops being supported, most of these games will no longer work and developers will need to move to alternative programs to create their free web browser-based games.

There are plenty of alternative programs available but this does mean that many of the current games may become unplayable; hopefully developers will look at porting their games to different types or consider bringing their game to Steam as a free to play game.

While Mozilla Firefox, Google and Facebook are planning to remove Adobe Flash, there are other companies that will continue to support the software.