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It’s not uncommon to be a little wary about any Adobe Flash Player update. After all, the numerous bugs the program has allowed hackers to exploit the program. Many people may be remembering the instance when the Flashback Trojan horse affected Mac user, and roughly 600,000 people had no idea they had installed the fake update and infected their electronics.

Nobody wants to become a victim of scams or malware. And, it’s why they want to make sure they get a worthwhile update from Adobe. This means they need to be informed and vigilant.

Is The Notification Suspicious Looking?

Never download a notification right off the bat. Be sure you look it over for clues – typos, grammar mistakes, etc. If you notice any of them, just close the notification button. There are some folks who may notice other features such as the installer package not having any Adobe icons or just a generic orange. The file is in the format of ZIP and not DMG.

Is It An Adobe Notification?

With a little research, you can find out if Adobe has released any updates. Bear in mind that Adobe will provide updates through its Install Manager program that’s installed when you install the program. Make sure you’re running the program, and if you notice the “update” is in the downloads folder, ignore it.

Is A Web Page Running A Program?

When you visit a web page, you may be asked to install something onto your device. Be wary of this. Many times a malware will appear on a web page like a program that’s actually running on your desktop or device. For instance, the Flashback Trojan malware appeared to be a plugin on the web page that crashed and users had to update the program with a fraudulent Adobe Flash Player installer.

Another way the AFP update isn’t legit is when you close the browser, and the notification disappears.

Due to all the security problems associated with Adobe Flash Player, you should always keep the software current. To do this, be sure you download the latest file from the official Adobe website to avoid any potential problems.