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Xbox One was initially presented as a revolutionary hub designed for entertainment, offering you video, TV, music and games in one place. Just like Windows took over your office, Xbox One attempted to take up your living room.

Now the console is three years old and still a success. It includes lots of interesting and fun games, awesome features, but despite all that, it remains behind its competitor, PlayStation 4. Perhaps this is the reason why the company plans to release a new device. Thankfully, fans don’t have to wait as long as they did until now in order to enjoy a new generation of consoles.

And this is how we get to Xbox One S, a new version that is supposed to be slicker, smaller and sharper than the previous version. It kicks it up a notch by offering 4K video, which is definitely an upgrade from the three years ago version. However, less than a year from now another model is expected, Project Scorpio, which made many people ask themselves whether is it worth it to buy the S version or not.

The S version looks very compact, even at a 40% smaller size. It relies on a white design and it definitely differentiates it from the previous model. Its design is minimalistic, modern, with smooth lines and a single power button found on its front. If you buy it, you will also receive a stand if you want to install it vertically.

Sadly, it seems that Microsoft did not allow any space in the new console for its old friend, Kinect. Although the voice commands were quite useful, many people are sure that we won’t get to experience any game that was based on it.