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Microsoft hasn’t pretested their Anniversary Update of Windows 10 a lot, as we can see from tons of users that are pissed off from various problems happening after installing the update. A thread on Reddit made by SoloWingX, reached 700 comments with people complaining how their computer literally froze after the installation. The account has tried out a lot of different possible solutions to this, but they can’t find a successful one. The only option, in their words, is to get back to the 1511 version of Windows 10, and ditch the 1607 which represents the Anniversary Update. The only way you can do this, however, is if there haven’t passed 10 days since the installation.

Another major problem we’ve encountered was with Edge. The program doesn’t close up when you hit the exiting button, and still runs even though you have no tab open. Some people say this issue could be associated with visiting sites that have a large number of ads.

We can say Microsoft rushed to reach a deadline, since this is an Anniversary Update, but that is no reason to let this one slide. The problems keep on appearing to users. For instance, even the McAfee antivirus is warning people against installing the new version of Windows 10. In their official statement, they talk of how Microsoft said they will have a checking feature of some kind for the right version of antivirus but hasn’t been able to, being pressured by the deadline.

The new update doesn’t accept any version of the McAfee antivirus, so users have to make sure they don’t run the wrong version before installing, because their device might be affected in some way or another. The OS manufacturer did however assure McAfee that they will provide a hotfix for this issue very soon.

McAfee isn’t the only antivirus developer that is having some issues with the new version of Windows 10 provided by Microsoft. The Avast developers say the antivirus hasn’t met bugs in most cases, but some users do experience some issues when installing from Windows 8 or older operating systems, as well as when they are trying to install Avast on the Anniversary version of the OS. The spokesman goes further to say neither Microsoft or Avast has seen this problem coming, and they are trying their best to bring a fix to the problem.

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