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To Sims fans’ happiness, game developers at Maxis have offered the public a release timeframe for The Sims 5, the next installment from the popular game franchise. According to Grant Rodiek, The Sims 5 will not hit the stores as soon as everybody is expecting to. He said that he doesn’t see the game finished and released sooner than three years, which would mean we would get to enjoy the game in 2019 the earliest.

If you analyze the situation statistically, you can see that in the timeline of the previously launched games, it usually takes the company 5 years to produce a new game. It’s not such a surprise, given that such a complex game requires lots of work, especially with all the details. The last installment was released in September 2014, when the public received The Sims 4 for Mac and Windows PC, and so, we can guess that The Sims 5 will see the light of the day in 2019.

Meanwhile, people are busy rumoring and speculating when and if the game will hit the consoles too. The launch of the next generation consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two, is expected to take place sometime between 2017 and 2019. In this case, fans are hoping that at least The Sims 5 will get a console version, if The Sims 4 was denied this possibility. We know for sure that The Sims 4 will not be receiving a console update because Lyndsay Pearson, who works as a senior producer, confirmed this through a tweet.

However, some fans had already read the signs that this would not be happening ever since the E3 event that took place in June. There was no promo or trailer shown there, nor any hint at a possible port to consoles.