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Recently, Electronic Arts announced that they have no plans to port their latest game to the current consoles, Xbox One and PS4. On July 26, Lyndsay Pearson, who works at EA, tweeted a message saying that they are not working on releasing a console version of The Sims 4, to many people’s disappointment. She also advised fans not to believe all the rumors they are hearing regarding this.

Starting with last year, there have been lots of rumors and speculations that Electronic Arts is currently making efforts to make porting the game to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 possible, but they kept stumbling in some technical errors. In June you could even see reports about the technical issues, but this time they announced that the publishers took the decision of cancelling a console version. The tweet made by Pearson last month only seems to confirm what some people believed.

There has also been some criticism for Pearson, some fans accusing her of only formally giving this information that came too late. Also, they say that if she really wanted to clear up things, she would have let people know ever since the rumors started spreading.

People believe that there are two main reasons for which EA is not interested in porting the games now. Most likely, they are waiting for the next generation of consoles, namely Xbox Two and PS 5. Sadly, these are expected to come out in 2018 or even later. The second reason refers to the fact that both EA and their collaborator Maxxis Studios are currently working on developing The Sims 5, which would be awesome for fans worldwide.