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Ever since the release of Note 7 last week people have been wondering whether it would be a good idea to buy it or to wait until Apple releases their next device, the iPhone 7. Usually, Apple does not confirm any of the rumors until they are sure about the final specs of their devices, so basically all the information we have is pure speculation.

Everybody seems to believe that Apple will continue its tradition and will release the seventh version of the iPhone somewhere in September. As such, Note 7 will be facing some serious competition then.

Note 7’s design is very similar to that of the S7 Edge model. It looks really attractive with all the glass and metal used, and it’s definitely comparable to the iPhone series. People expect the iPhone 7 to look like iPhone 6S, but to be honest, iPhone has to stick to their iconic look that Galaxy can’t compete with.

Most likely, Note 7 has major improvements in comparison to the iPhone 7, offering better specs than the Apple device. Apple will continue to rely on their own software and hardware in order to give people the true iPhone experience, but Samsung indeed offers a better performance with their devices. Moreover, Note 7 has a Super AMOLED Quad HD display that measures 5.7 inches and which has been really acclaimed ever since the release. iPhone 7 has an acceptable display, but we doubt that the company will kick it up a notch by using Quad HD on this version.

However, many people believe that the iOS beats Android at any moment. People appreciate it for being sleek and intuitive, while Android can force the memory of the device and still get bulky sometimes.

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