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The PlayStation 4 Neo or better known as the PS4 Neo or PS4.5 or PS4K has not been released just yet, but it has earned some very positive reviews already. Perhaps the following details will make things clear for everyone.

Tech Rumors

The generation of traditional console has slowly come to an end with each new hardware being launched by big companies in the coming months. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony are among them. Although Nintendo and Microsoft are planning a release in 2017, Sony has not yet announced the existence of the PS4K.

Sony has confirmed, anyhow, the existence of its new product which will be able to upscale the current titles of the PS4 to the 4K. Accordingly, it will be able to support games with enhanced visual fidelity, which is so useful for the coming VR headset.

PS4K Specifications

People have been wondering how much powerful the PS4K would be compared with the current PS4. Also codenamed Neo, it is said to feature a clock speed that is superior to the PS4 with an improved GPU. Thus, if the PS4 has an AMD GCN and running at 18 compute units, the Neo will be expected to be running at 36 compute units, and a faster clock speed of 911MHz.

Moreover, the Neo will also be shipped with 8 gigabytes of GDDR5 memory, being 218 gigabits per second compared to 176 gigabits per second which is slightly higher than the PS4.

Release Date

Sony has indeed confirmed that the Neo is an existing project, but the company has not committed to a release date nor a solid price for the moment. Basically, games launched after October will need native support for both the PS4 and the PS4K. However, this is not a confirmation that it will be released during that time.