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Compared to an average tablet, the new iPad Pro 12.9 is a bit hefty and definitely much bigger. Of course, there are some newer features to feast on such as the design, battery life, screen, and some notable components. If you are planning to buy this piece of gadget, it is only fair to look at the basic features that you are missing.

Screen Display

Having a 12.9-inch expansion should make this device a good medium to watch movies or play games or even reading books online. With its 264 ppi pixel density, it typifies the mobile device that Apple has classed this to be a Retina display. Noticeably, it has similar pixel density as the iPhone 6S Plus with the same sharpness as you should hold it further from your face. It also features a 2732×2048 screen resolution with the conventional 4:3 screen ratio.

Apple Pencil

The effort of Apple to bring into the mix a sense of maneuverability to bring out your creativity has been made possible with the new plastic stylus they call Apple Pencil. It has a load of sensors that allows the user to write and sketch with force.

Smart Keyboard

When it comes to creativity, the iPad Pro 12.9 should perfectly fit your lifestyle. This can be done with the Smart Keyboard that comes with a dedicated mechanism for text entry paired with the iPad Pro cover for added protection. Although this can add a bit of bulk in terms of weight and added thickness, it sure is an excellent tradeoff.

Powerful Speakers

If you want to take the stereo setup to a new level, this is the device for you. Surprisingly, it pumps a huge amount of audio that is of good quality. As a matter of fact, it is three times as loud as the iPad Air 2, plus it can rebalance the sound based on the way you are holding the device.