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A lot of Apple fanatics have unceasingly been wondering when will be the release of the fifth generation Apple TV. Part of the things that they look forward to includes new features, tech specs, and some changes in the design. When this should come into fruition, it will be referred to as the 5G Apple TV.

Tech Rumors

Despite the fact that Apple should hold it back until the beginning of 2017, the company should always have the right to hold it back until the beginning of 2017. Well, here are the sequences of release dates for the four generations of Apple TV which can be used to determine when exactly it will be released.

January 2007 for the 1st-Gen Apple TV

September 2010 for the 2nd-Gen Apple TV

March 2012 for the 3rd-Gen Apple TV

September 2015 for the 4th-Gen Apple TV

Noticeably, Apple often updates its Apple TV a little less than the iPhone, iPad, and Mac lineup. Likewise, there was a gap of 3.5 years between the 1st and 2nd, and between the 3rd and 4th models. This means that the 5G Apple TV should be released around 2018 or 2019. Nevertheless, the status and position of Apple TV in the portfolio of the company has changed, so it can face some slight differences on the timeline.

Release Date

At the WWDC event in 2016, no hardware has been released. However, the new operating system tvOS 10 of the new version of Apple TV has earned quite a considerable amount of time. Again, when you look at the launch dates being released by Apple, the upcoming 10th anniversary of the first Apple TV could be an appealing occasion to make a huge update.

Despite all that fuss, the release date of the Apple TV remote can happen anytime soon. Perhaps this can be done on the later part of 2016 which should be great news for the fans.