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Google has just finished working on the new version of Android, the 7.0 Nougat, and is already working hard on a new project. We’re talking here about the company’s Smart Watch successor, called Smart Watch 2.0, that will apparently not be paired up with the Together app we saw on the first device. The Together app development will officially be terminated on 20th of August, leaving room for the new device to have its own exciting interface.

The tech giant offered the news to users when the last update, version, hit watches everywhere leaving fans with a bittersweet feeling of that being the last update to the app.

However, Google has always been a good customer reader, and they know the app had some great features that people would be disappointed to not have with a new version of the Smart Watch. That is why the company is going to embed some features from the Together watch face onto the Smart Watch 2.0.

Android Police reported a Google official statement about the new device and how it’s going to show off some of the Together features: “With the release of Android Wear 2.0, many of the best features of Together will be integrated directly into the platform so you can connect with more people using your favorite messaging services. In addition to emoji, you’ll be able to use Smart Reply, keyboard or handwriting on the watch screen.”

Basically, Google is terminating the Together app on the Smart Watch, because its new user interface will integrate most of what the app did – so there is no use of having an app that does almost nothing compared to the Smart Watch itself. So, if you were a big fan of Together, you can be assured Google is not completely erasing its functions, but rather just transferring it to the actual device. This might be even better, because before you had to have the app installed so that you could send out media like photos and emojis.

We’re as curious as you are about the date Google is releasing the new Smart Watch 2.0, but seeing how there are not many speculations in forums or blogs about a recent date, the gadget will probably be released in late fall.