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Players have been expecting this to happen at some point but not this quickly; Niantic has officially stopped the PoGo app that allowed Windows Phone users to play the game.

When Niantic force updated their app to encrypt communication and block third-party services such as Pokevision, it also impacted the PoGo app.

While the current version of PoGo does not work any more, the developers of the app are still trying to get around the issues that have blocked it; the API creators of the app are looking into the issue however they don’t believe it can be fixed. If the development team behind the third-party app can get through into the game once again, it’s highly likely that Niantic will add more security measures to stop the app from working.

PoGo is not the only team dedicated to finding a way for Windows Phone owners to play the game; there are several hacking groups looking into the current Pokemon Go encryption.

If the hackers are unsuccessful in their efforts then Windows Phone users will be forced to wait until Niantic eventually release Pokemon Go for their devices.