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We doubt you’re wondering what Chromecasts are, because according to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, the giant has sold approximately 30 million of these tiny devices. But if you were, you should know that they are small devices that enable you to connect them to mobiles and PCs and to stream video or music.

You can stream content via a Chromecast in two ways: the first way is by using mobile apps or web apps that can support its specific tech and the second one enables users to mirror the content that they find on the Google Chrome browser that runs on PC or the content that is displayed on Android devices.

Although Chromecast has sold a lot, it hasn’t sold enough, so Google keeps on adding more perks for the existing Chromecast owners such as several free extended trials for Netflix or deals on Google Play.

The latest perk to be offered by Google for Chromecast owners is a 2 month free trial for Spotify. As you all know, Spotify is a video and music streaming service.

Basically, Chromecast and Chromecast Audio users will be able to use Spotify content freely up until the 15th of September and they will be able to cast that musical content to their TV or to their speakers.

However, even though Chromecasts are available for purchase in countries outside the US, the Spotify free trial seems to refer strictly to US clients. Moreover, it seems to apply only to new Spotify clients, perhaps in an effort to draw more people to the music and video streaming service.

That means that while you may own a Chromecast device, if you are already subscribed to Spotify, you are not eligible for the two month free trial. However, you could make a new account on Spotify.

This isn’t the only free trial that Chromecast has to offer – there is also a 90 day free trial from Google Play Music that is available until the 31 of December. Now, both Spotify and Google Play Music are music streaming services so if you’re a Chromecast user it’s up to you which one you prefer.