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Sometimes, you will experience some errors while using WhatsApp, such as slowing down or even crashing. Well, there could be numerous reasons for why this app is not working properly. To resolve the problem and make the app faster, here are solutions that you can try:

  • Switch your device off and on again.

There will be times when WhatsApp hangs because your device needs to be rebooted. So, refresh your device by switching it off for a few seconds and then on again. Typically, you should reboot your device once a week.

  • Get the latest update.

Take note that WhatsApp can crash on startup on Android if the app is not updated to the latest version. So, look for it on trusted sources and update as soon as possible.

  • Clear your cache.

With so much messaging you perform over WhatsApp every day, a lot of your data will get stored. You can clean your device by navigating to the application manager and clearing your cache. Usually, this will resolve slowing and crashing issues.

  • Delete some messages.

A huge volume of messages is a primary factor that could slow the app or cause it not to work. Of course, when you have a lot of stored messages, it would take long for WhatsApp to open or process tasks. So, delete unimportant chats.

  • Address RAM issues.

Check your RAM, as running many apps will consume much space from it. You can free it up by uninstalling or killing unnecessary and heavy apps.

  • Re-install the app.

When nothing else works, then this will be the last resort you have to make things quick and properly working once more.

These tips will surely help address slowing down or crashing of WhatsApp on your device. For more useful information on using the app, you can browse through this page.