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The latest DLC for the popular life simulation game has provided players with the ability to create their own restaurant and to also take their Sims out on a date; The Sims team have released 5 player created restaurants which can be downloaded through The Sims 4 Gallery. Once downloaded, players just need to place the building in the neighborhood before they can visit it.

Seafood Restaurant by Deligracy: This seafood restaurant is stylish,classy and features two seating levels inside. The modern design of the building also uses large windows to give Sims an amazing view.

Modern 50’s Diner by Leander: This authentic 50’s diner features the classic family orientated menu however unlike the diners of the past, this one features modern furniture for maximum comfort.

Hotdog Stand by Penapple: What could easily be a standard take-out has become a unique restaurant with a casual atmosphere. It features an inside seating area and an outside eating area also with some amazing decoration.

Nacho Mama’s Kitchen by LukeyDeanSims: This nacho based restaurant features a stylish outdoors seating area and provides quality food.

Urban Garden by Steph0sims: This beautiful, nature covered restaurant has a casual yet formal theme. It features a variety of high quality food and amazing decorations.