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As soon as new devices that were very anticipated hit the markets, everyone wants to see a comparison to figure out which device is the better one for themselves. Today, we’re met with people’s desire to see a comparison for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, a phablet released by the Korean tech giant just a few days ago, and the iPhone 7 Plus, which hasn’t even been released. However, there are plenty of rumors and speculations about what Apple’s phablet will feature, so we thought we could do a pre-release comparison so readers could get a better understanding of what the two phablets offer.

Let’s start off with displays. The phablet from Samsung has a 5.7 inches display that shows off Super AMOLED technology, as many Samsung flagships do. The Galaxy Note 7 is the first device to rock the 5th version of the Gorilla Glass, as well as being the first Note to be waterproof. The resolution on the display is of 1440×2560 pixels.

As for the iPhone 7 Plus, it is expected to have a little smaller 5.5 inches display, that will also be waterproof. As for the technology used on this display we’re faced with IPS LCD, also a common technology seen on Apple products. The resolution is a tad smaller at 1080×1920 pixels.

Going further to the processor, we can see that Samsung’s phablet is paired up with one of the most powerful processors at the moment, the Exynos 8890 octa-core. The iPhone 7 Plus will most likely show off a combo of two processors: A10 and M10. We say this, because its predecessor rocked the combo of A9 and M9. Both devices have pretty strong specs in this area.

As for camera, both phablets sport the same specs: in the rear, the devices will show off 12MP cameras with plenty of options like autofocus and HDR, while the front camera is a 5MP for each. They do have different technology offered, and if we had to pick a winner in this category, it would be the iPhone 7 Plus, because people seem to enjoy the photos made with Apple devices more than the ones made with Samsung.

As a conclusion, both devices show off today’s standards of specifications, but they sport very different technology when it comes to display, processor, camera and even operating system. You might want to get a feel of the devices and see for yourself which one you prefer, since the battle between Android and iOS has been going on forever and no one seems to win.