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Apparently, according to a cyber-security company from Israel named Checkpoint, there are four flaws in the Qualcomm chipsets that are found in many Android-based smartphones. These flaws could enable hackers to download a malicious app on unsuspecting smartphones that will then let them see everything that is on the device.

The Checkpoint head of products, mobile and cloud security, Michael Shaulov, stated at the Def Com cyber security conference that hackers could easily access the device’s memory and they could even see the encrypted apps like WhatsApp and read the messages that were sent using it – not to mention that they could read your email, notes and passwords and see and use everything that you have in whichever way they want. Basically, everything that you have will be copied to the hackers via said malicious app.

This is a very big problem because the Qualcomm is the leading manufacturer on the advanced chip market and its chipsets can be found in over 900 million Android based devices such as tablets or smartphones and those include Google Nexus phones such as 5X, 6 and 6P, HTC phones such as the One M9 and 10 and Samsung Galaxy phones like the S7 and the S7 Edge.

Checkpoint presented the vulnerabilities report at the aforementioned conference and Google confirmed them but they also stated that the Android users that have downloaded the latest security patches will be protected from three of those four flaws. The fourth problem will be dealt with in an upcoming update.

Thankfully, there is no indication that any of these vulnerabilities have been exploited so far by hackers and let’s hope that it won’t happen until the next Android security patch is released by Google.

According to Google, in order for those vulnerabilities to be exploited by a hacker, he would have to get a user to download a malicious app, but their SafetyNet and Verify Apps protections will help identify, then block and remove those malicious apps.

Now, if people are keen on installing apps from unknown sources or sites then they have to be prepared for the consequences.

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