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There have been some comparisons between the PlayStation 4 from Sony and Xbox One from Microsoft, and the first one seems to do way better. That got Microsoft a little rialed up, because a lot of people owning a Xbox console was a little disappointed with the results. The company is finally releasing a new version of the Xbox One called Xbox One S, which is set to have new features like the Play Anywhere one and the backwards compatibility. We feel like this is the version of console Microsoft should have released in 2013 when it was first competing with the PS 4, but at least we can enjoy it now.

There is even talk of the Project Scorpio coming to surface, but for now, all we know is Microsoft is releasing, in their words, a “slimmer, sleeker and sharper” console.

But let’s take a closer look to what this sleek version of the Xbox One has to offer and decide once and for all, if it stands a chance to Sony’s PlayStation 4.

First of all, let’s talk about the controller. Yeah, even the controller got some changes. Microsoft is trading the premium look for a more comfortable console controller, because they have the customer in mind. The controller is white, same as the Xbox One S, and it has some new holding grips that are textured so you can grab on to the controller and not feel sore after 4 hours of playing. The thumbsticks are also improved, made more durable – which you know, is always a plus. No one wants a flimsy controller.

Other than the aspect being improved, the controller has a headphone jack of 3.5mm which comes useful to some gamers that use voice commands, as well as a Bluetooth feature for those who want to play on a PC which holds the Windows 10 operating system.

Even though they improved the controller, they haven’t forgotten about the console itself. The Xbox One S is packed with HDR, that stands for High Dynamic Range. What this basically does, it makes colors in the game appear brighter on the screen, a feature which we would never complain about. If there’s something to make the gaming experience even better, we’re more than happy.

The internal memory of the new version of Xbox One is quite impressive at 2 terrabytes. Memory is always something we all want a little more of – we’re quite the horders, us humans. Oh, and games are expensive. If we’re going to buy it, we better have it for eternity.

These are basically all the new features the Xbox One S will bring out for regular customers. However, if you own a 4K television, then you’re going to be really excited because Microsoft gave their console support for 4K playback as well as 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays.