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Update 1.31 is almost here for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 however, the Xbox consoles will not be receiving this update at the same time as the PlayStation consoles; the update for the Microsoft consoles have no yet been given a release date.

This update is focused on fixing the various issues that players were reporting with the battle mini-game; some of the bugs fixed in this update are gamebreaking and others are more of an annoyance. Potentially the biggest fix in this update is the potion bug that caused them to not work when thrown on non-solid blocks, in addition to this the update has fixed non-solid blocks stopping attacks also.

Xbox players will be happy to hear that this update will also deal with the Cove Battle mini-game map which has holes in some areas of the map; along with this, there are fixes for hill generation which should stop this issue completely.

Players have a lot to look forwards to with this patch as it fixes quite a lot of bugs and glitches; some annoying issues such as crouching hides a players name and incorrect death messages will also be fixed.

No release date has been given for the Xbox One or Xbox 360; the update is already available for PlayStation consoles.