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Most of users are content with the look of the iPhone 6S, the phone being thinner and easier to grip, but there are some pioneers that loved the first versions of the flagship and would want it back. The iPhone SE was the solution Apple gave customers that loved the old-school look of the iPhone but wanted the features of today’s technology. But let’s see how well they incorporated new technology into the old phone look, by comparing the iPhone SE to the iPhone 6S.


If there’s a department where the iPhone 6S is clearly better than the iPhone SE, it’s the display one. First of all, the 6S has a bigger display of 4.7 inches which is always pleasing to the eye, as well as brighter colors and better contrast. The iPhone SE has a 4 inches display which is regrettably not waterproof, while its counterpart has an oleophobic screen.

RAM & Internal Storage

Both the iPhone 6S and the iPhone SE have 2 GB of RAM, but the internal storage is a little different. You can expand the memory offered by the phone, but the iPhone SE can only expand its memory by 64 GB, while the iPhone 6S has an expandable storage of 128 GB. So, if you’re looking to store more data on your phone, you might be tempted to go with the larger smartphone. However, this shouldn’t be that much of an issue since there is always Cloud storage.


Both devices are packed with the same type of rear camera: 12MP, with a lot of different features and options like touch focus, autofocus, geotagging, HDR, panorama and smile detection. However, the iPhone SE has only 1.2MP on its front camera, while the iPhone 6S has a whooping 5MP camera. If camera is a big deal for you, especially the front one, you might want to opt for the iPhone 6S since it was made exclusively to meet these standards.


Since the phone is thicker, Apple could pack a larger and more powerful battery on the iPhone SE. The smartphone was tested to go up to 73 hours to endurance, while its counterpart could only last to 62 hours. This might be another deciding factor for you. Battery life is important for all of us, so if maybe you’re using your phone for work you will want better specs in this area.


Both phones are great. It just depends on what you like personally. If you’re into the new updated look of the iPhone, as well as good camera specs, you might want to go for the iPhone 6S. If you always loved the old iPhone look and are interested in keeping the phone going for as much as possible, iPhone SE is the device for you.

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