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The previous iPhone and Apple Watch rumors should give you an idea about what to expect for the upcoming iPad Pro 2. Well, until you see the device for yourself, the best thing that you can do is to guess and hope for the best. Nonetheless, here are some of the new features to expect for this new release.

Release Date

The ideal release date for the iPad Pro 2 should be on October or November of the current year. This is because the introduction of the iPad Pro 12.9 was made just in September of 2015. So, you shouldn’t expect it to go ahead of the Apple Watch or the iPhone 7 release. Reasonably, it’s not going to be done just to distract the attention of fans by releasing new pro tablets.

Less Air

A lot of people have asked if the company will get rid of the range of iPad Air by replacing the device with an iPad Pro 7.9. Likewise, they have wondered about an introduction of the iPad Pro mini.

Fast Processor

Expectations never run out when it comes to Apple devices. The next big thing might get a pretty fast processor with the A10 chip which can be seen on the iPhone 7. More importantly, it should at least be as fast as an A9X processor that you can find inside the iPad Pro.

Slimmer Design

Another expected output for the new iPad Pro 2 is the slimmer design which has been expected with the Apple Watch as well. This can be done as there are already new display technologies being released so it could also be made for the new iPad.

More RAM

Many fans are optimistic about the updated 3GB of RAM to be installed on the new iPhones. Although this can just be part of the expectations, perhaps a 50% increase in RAM from the 9.7-inch model may not be farfetched.