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Lots of Apple fans out there kept on speculating about the next big thing in the iPad Mini Series. Well, it’s a good thing to be optimistic about the next iPad Mini 5 because it is going to be released anytime soon. However, before that will happen, here are the things that you can look forward to in terms of release date and spec rumors.

Spec Rumors

Aside from the durable aluminum body, the new iPad Mini will have thinner dimensions as it will come with a smaller battery size. However, it may have a bit of a compromise in terms of battery capacity for that matter.

Part of the speculations includes camera upgrades. This new unit will be having an improved camera of 8MP for the rear camera. It will also have an improved processor that should go from A8 to A9. However, additional tech updates might not be good enough as it was rumored not to support 3.5mm headphone jacks anymore.

It will also come pre-installed with iOS 10 with matching 3D Touch capability shown in the latest iPhone 6s. Moreover, the new feature would be waterproof already as devices these days come with IP68 certifications. However, this might not yet arrive to the iPad Minis.

Looking into the possibilities or release this year, it could be a very competitive revelation because it provides the best features that anyone could have wished for in a mobile device or tablet.

Release Date

Based from the introduction of its predecessor, the iPad Mini 4, it happened sometime in September 2015 through the popular event that revealed the iPhone 6s. Ideally, the next big event to occur will be on the same month of the following year. So, it is expected to be released alongside the new iPhone 7 launching.