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We all know Google’s famous Nexus line of smartphones, that are usually first to carry new versions of their operating system. This year, things are changing a bit, because the next Nexus devices are set to drop sometime in October, while other flagships are being released in August and September and they will carry the Android 7.0 Nougat.

The two new smartphones that Google paired up with HTC to release are codenamed for now Marlin and Sailfish. Even though the flagships are set to appear two months from now, the forums are already filled with speculations of what features the two will have.

A new leak has reached the internet, saying that the smaller one, codenamed Sailfish, is going to have a display measuring 5 inches. The technology used on the display will most likely be Full HD.

Other specs the leak brought to surface was regarding the processor which will definitely be a quad-core, most likely the new Snapdragon 820 that we see present in a few devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Android Police reports the HTC Nexus Sailfish will show off a 12MP rear camera that might not show the bump we’ve seen with the Nexus 6P. As for the front camera, it will be a whooping 8MP model that blows a lot of popular smartphones out of the water.

As for other specs the HTC & Google device will feature, the experts are pretty sure it will have 4 gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of internal memory.

The battery is supposedly going to be a 2770mAh one, which we’re not sure is going to support all of the power the processor will have. But again, this is only a rumor and Google might pair up the flagship with a more powerful battery.

If you’re interested in what the look of the phone will be, as most of us are, Google is apparently going for a clean-cut, premium-like flagship this year. This brings a lot of joy to many Nexus fans, because the phones could be called a little coarse by some people. They might even appeal to a new market, that enjoy slicker phones.

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