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There has been a lot of fuss regarding the announcement Microsoft made about an upcoming improved console named Project Scorpio. However, the fact that they announced it soon after the release of the latest Xbox One S led some tech bloggers to believe that the Project Scorpio announcement might overshadow the former console and even affect its sales.

Fortunately, according to Xbox CEO Phil Spencer, this was not the case. He addressed this issue in a tweet by mentioning that some people thought that Scorpio would overshadow S but that did not happen and that it was a good idea to openly share their plans.

This is actually in line with what Microsoft representatives stated at the E3 event which took place this summer about their policy to be more transparent with consumers. At the time, Phil Spencer said that they want to give customers a better view over what they are doing and to buy Microsoft products with as much information as possible. Naturally, there will be some moments when he will not be able to offer that information but if it’s possible, he will do it.

The Xbox One S was released in stores on the 2nd of August but there is only a 2TB version for sale at $400 right now. Supposedly, there will be two other versions released for sale later on: a 1 TB version priced at $350 and a 500 GB version priced at $300.

Project Scorpio was announced at the E3 event complete with a trailer that showcased its specs and gave everybody a good idea about what to expect from it. According to Microsoft, this console will be released next year and it will be the most powerful console ever made. It will feature eight cores and 6 teraflops of GPU power that will enable it to offer support for 4k gaming and VR experiences.

Even though Microsoft didn’t mention anything about pricing, we believe that we can safely assume that the ‘most powerful console ever made’ will be more expensive than any other console on the market. So be prepared for that!