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The Xbox One S is scheduled for release this week and people have already begun to talk and speculate about the next console project from Microsoft named Project Scorpio.

At the same time, this summer, we got to see the release of a tweaked version of Sony’s PlayStation 4 console – the PS4 Neo – which features some of the best specs on the gaming console market. Given that Microsoft released a trailer of its upcoming Project Scorpio console and mentioned its specs, here is an overview of what to expect from it.


According to Microsoft, the Scorpio console will be a tweaked and upgraded version of the Xbox One and here is what it will feature: eight CPU cores, six TF of GPU, 320 GB of memory and 4k gaming support complete with VR support.

All of this means that it will offer a better visual experience that the Xbox One and the enormous 6TF of GPU power will also give developers the chance to make games with awesome visuals.

However, users will only be able to use the 4k visual support if they own a 4k TV, otherwise they won’t see it. In comparison, the PS4 Neo doesn’t offer this kind of support.

Not only that but if one really looks at the specs featured by the PS4 and the ones announced for the upcoming Project Scorpio, it’s easy to see that the latter will be far more advanced than any other console on the market.

4k and VR Game Support

According to Digital Foundry, the 6TF of CPU on the Scorpio console is not enough to power a proper 4k visual experience because it’s hard enough for a 5.9TF card to do that. The same tech publication also said the amount of CPU power is enough to offer an effective VR experience.

There is some speculation that Microsoft will rely on the Oculus VR headset for its console because they already have a partnership in that sense for Xbox One controllers.

Release Date and Price

According to Microsoft, the Project Scorpio console will be released sometime in the summer of 2017, but it made no mentions regarding the pricing of the device. According to Digital Foundry, there will probably be a $100 difference between the Project Scorpio console and the PS4 Neo.