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The excitement over Rio Olympics has translated to WhatsApp. What better way to stay current and relevant than to be a part of a historic event, right? And that’s exactly what the new WhatsApp hidden emoji is all about.

WhatsApp’s latest free download brings a new feature that will allow you to send Olympics rings Emoji to your friends. It’s one way to show your love for the sports, and your support for the athletes competing in Rio. Although it was not indicated in the release notes for version 2.16.17, the hidden Emoji was already included when the new version was rolled out last July.

Unfortunately, this new feature only works on select platforms – Android phone, WhatsApp web and iOS. Sorry Windows users, no hidden emoji for you for the desktop version.

Finding and using the new emoji is easy with both the Android phone and the web app, but a little bit tricky on iOS.

Because the Olympic rings are an actual emoji, and not a sticker, you will find it under sports on the custom keyboard on Android. Simply tap on it, press send and you’re done. In iOS, however, you will have to copy it from a friend or copy/type a sequence of symbols – ◯◯◯◯◯, which will automatically transform into Olympic rings when pasted on WhatsApp.

Since the Olympic rings is an emoji ZWJ sequence, it is made up of large circle characters combined with a zero width joiner in between character. Emojipedia has the link that you can copy and paste in WhatsApp iOS to use the hidden emoji.

Both the sender and receiver must update WhatsApp iOS to the latest version, in order to send and view the new emoji.

Don’t have WhatsApp on your iOS device? You only need to download and install WhatsApp on a Mac OS X Device.