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Microsoft has garnered praise for its 2-in-1 computer Surface Pro 4, but it seems that fans want more and are clamoring for the Surface Pro 5 to be released.

People have been expecting that the Surface Pro 5 would be released this year. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case since there are reports that the 2-in-1 computer will be unveiled in 2017.

Waiting for Kaby Lake

There are several possible reasons for this, and one is that Microsoft is waiting for the Kaby Lake processor from Intel. Kaby Lake is a 7th generation Core processor that has a 14nm architecture similar to Skylake and, during its second-quarter earnings conference on July 20, Intel announced to investors that it has started to ship the processor to manufacturer partners. It’s highly likely that Microsoft has received its own batch of Kaby Lakes chips but, considering that it takes time to install the processors in devices and run quality checks, it will most likely take the company several months before they can release the Surface Pro 5.

Another Surface Model for 2016?

Another possible reason for the delay is that Microsoft is planning to release a Surface model later this year. This theory is supported by a photo that was taken in Microsoft Building 88 and shows a wall with six pictures mounted on it. Two of the pictures seem to be of existing Surface models, while the rest are silhouettes of either laptops or 2-in-1 computers. One silhouette has “2016” printed on it, while the other three feature “2017” in white ink.

This can be taken to mean that Microsoft will launch a new device this year (which tech experts are assuming to be the Surface Book 2) then launch three new models next year. Two of these can be the Surface Pro 5, which will reportedly come in two variants: one with a 2K screen and the other with a 4K screen.

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