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With the ability to share photos and documents on WhatsApp, it won’t be a surprise that both files are a regular feature in any of your chat conversations. You might need to download them too.

By default, media files are automatically saved in your phone’s pre-installed photo app or media gallery. Saving WhatsApp photos and documents on your PC, however, gives you more control and flexibility.

How to save WhatsApp media files from your phone to your PC

  1. Send the photo or document that you want to transfer via email or Bluetooth, and then download as attachment, or search in the folder where all Bluetooth files are saved.
  2. Save the files in a cloud storage, such as Dropbox, and then download to your PC.
  3. Connect your phone to your computer via USB, and then transfer files like you would any other media files from your phone to your PC.

How to save WhatsApp media files from WhatsApp for Windows

  1. Click on the image or document you want to download. This will open another window where you will find an arrow pointing downward, which indicates a download function.
  2. Click on the download arrow. This will bring up the file manager on your PC where you get to choose which folder to save media files.

You can choose to create a folder dedicated for downloaded WhatsApp photos and documents, or save them according to your preference, or how you organized your files. For instance, if you have a folder for all Word documents, you can save the document in the same location. As for images, you can store it in the pictures folder or the camera roll.

WhatsApp for PC doesn’t have a setting where you can set a default folder specifically for downloads. This means you will have to choose a location every time. The upside is that there’s no limit to the kind of files you can download from WhatsApp for PC, whether its photos, videos or MP3 files.

Haven’t installed WhatsApp for Windows yet? Here’s how.

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