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When it comes to true-to-life images, nothing compares to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. This is what the company has aimed to acquire and indeed they have done it again. In fact, a survey found out that seven out of ten people preferred this gadget to the iPad Air 2. Perhaps it is the viewing experience that matters most to customers these days. Well, here are basic specifications that you can ponder upon when you are looking to buy a new tablet.

Wide Color Display

If viewing experience matters more to you, then the Galaxy Tab S should make you wow. This is due to the Super AMOLED display technology that should be able to provide true-to-life color reproduction. It is even a lot brighter compared to most LCD displays.

Design Specifications

If you are thinking that you want to have a slim device, you should be surprised by these specifications. The new Galaxy Tab S has a screen size of 10.5” but it only weighs at around 465g on Wi-Fi and 467g on LTE-enabled tablets.

Display Features

Basically, the color depth is still at 16M colors for its main display. The resolution is also impressive with 2560×1600 pixels WQXGA. Of course, it has a Super AMOLED display technology that only Samsung can provide.

Stunning Camera

The front camera has a CMOS 2.1MP resolution, while the rear-facing camera has a CMOS 8.0MP resolution for better image quality. It also has an autofocus capability for the main camera packed with a flash.

Basic Features

If you want to achieve more tasks, this unit should fit your needs as it has a range of multitasking features to work with. More so, you can control your Galaxy S5 screen when receiving and making calls. Likewise, if you want an extraordinary feature such as the fingerprint scanner on a tablet, then this should be your perfect companion for work and play.