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Niantic is the developer of two augmented reality games; the cultural phenomenon that is Pokemon Go and their first AR game, Ingress. While Pokemon Go has been an instant hit from the start, Ingress was never able to reach that level of popularity and still has a relatively small playerbase. There are some gamers who believe these games are very similar to each other however this is not the case.

Pokemon Go is about hunting, capturing and training ‘real’ Pokemon which are caught in the wild while Ingress has players visit and capture various portals found all over the world.

The portal locations from Ingress were actually reused in Pokemon Go and act as the PokeStops and Gyms in the game; the XM Spots from Ingress also seem to dictate where Pokemon spawn. A high number of XM Spots in one area increases the chances of rare Pokemon spawning there.

Ingress is very different for one major reason; this game features an open narrative back story where the XM that has covered the planet is some how connected to an alien race. The two factions in the game each believe something different and approach the situation in their own way.

While the two games share locations and some game mechanics; the current versions of the games are very different to each other.