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If you think about the best games that exist in our generation, you cannot exclude Minecraft, together with its Pocket Edition. It’s one of the games that fascinated the entire gaming world and is still gathering fans. If you liked it until now, you’re going to like it even more! Now Oculus Rift Support has become available for Android devices. Moreover, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

GameNGuide explained that this change lets you play Minecraft Pocket Edition in better graphics. Fans expect now to enjoy in the near future better 3D modes for building and even more intense adventures along with this addition. Furthermore, they have also introduced lots of improvements.

The updates consist in added texture packs, changes in jungle and in the temples and many more. Many believe that Xbox live support will be added to this feature, but it will only be available for Minecraft Realms, where you can play with your friends and build your own world. But perhaps the most interesting and attractive part of the update for Pocket Edition is integrating the Oculus Rift.

If this universe fascinated you until now, wait and see how much more cool it’s going to be in the virtual reality with the help of this special headset. This brings a completely new way of exploring the universe and immersing into the huge game environment. Needless to say, many fans have been thrilled due to this decision of the producers to level up the entire game.

However, you should know that if you want to play the Pocket Edition like this, you will need to buy an Oculus Rift device first. If you want to buy one, you can order it and it will reach your place in 2-4 working days.