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Microsoft and Mojang have announced that the Windows 10 Minecraft is about to receive Oculus Rift VR support; all players will be receiving this with a free update that should arrive later this month.

This is big news for Minecraft fans and it’s been confirmed that the Oculus Rift VR version will include both Creative and Survival modes while also have a separate multiplayer; the official website states that there will also be more content coming however they have not specified what this could be. Some players are hoping that this means it will have cross-play support to allow users to play with Pocket Minecraft players also.

While this is great news for Minecraft, this is not the first time it’s going to be supported by a VR headset. Samsung Gear VR began supporting the game in April however, the Oculus Rift includes more technical features on the headset which may be utilized with the game.

The exact release date for Oculus Rift support has not been revealed yet but both Microsoft and Mojang have stated it will be arriving in a “few weeks” which is extremely promising.

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